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8CH 1.2G/1.3G AV 100mW Wireless Transmitter TX

8CH 1.2G/1.3G AV 100mW Wireless Transmitter TX

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Short Description:


This 1.2G/1.3G wireless transmitter allows you to transmit video & audio from one location to another, it effectively solves the family problems of sharing audio-visual equipment. Made of high quality material, this wireless video transmitter is durable enough for long time use. And the performance is very stable and reliable. The wireless video transmitter is easy to install and convenient to use. The transmission range is up to 200m. Frequency customization is welcome, please contact us in advance.


Selling Point :

  • 8 channel video & audio, good capacity of anti-interference
  • Frequency: 4:1.080G  5:1.120G   6:1.160G  7:1.200G
    8:1.240G  9:1.280G H:1.320G  C:1.360G, 8CHGhz
  • 100mW
  • Transmitting range is 200m (without interference)
  • Analog AV signal input
  • Light weight, small size



100mW AV Wireless Transmitter
Transmitter Frequency(GHz) 1.080G  1.120G   1.160G  1.200G 1.240G  1.280G  1.320G  1.360G
Transmitting Power 100mW
Transmitting Distance 200m(open area)
ANT Connector SMA
AV Input Analog AV signal input
Power Supply: DC12 volts
Size 45*38*12mm
Weight 28g(antenna is not included)


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Package Includes :

  • 1X 1.2Ghz 1.3Ghz Wireless TX
  • 1X Antenna
  • 1X Connection Cable

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