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Multi Charge Cable (JST Plug)

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Multi Charge Cable (JST Plug) - Airy-Acc-LE-0028

Save your time! Charge up to 5 Battereis at a time
Very easy to use, simply connect One to Five Li-Po batteries on the other end, and use a strong Li-Po charger with JST plug to charge the batteries. Please note that the Input end is a JST Female plug, output end is five JST Male.

Easy to use - Direct connection, work from one to five battereis

Connection Example - GE B6 Li-Po Charger, output set to 1A for 3.7V 1200mah batteries (1.5A for 7.4V battereis)

Notice :
Li-Po Charger with auto decrease output function and JST Plug, recommended for GE B6 Li-Po Charger
Do not set currect larger than batteries capacity
Please charge battereis with same capacity
Not Suitable for Stock Walkera Charger

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