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SWAGTRON SwagDrone 150-UP RTF Ready to Fly Racing Drone Kit with FPV Goggles - HD Camera 5.8Ghz Transmitter Carbon Fiber High Speed Quadcopter

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LONG-RANGE CONNECTIVITY - The FPV racing drone comes with a remote, a 5.8G transmitter, & dual receivers for access as far away as 500m
TRANSFER REAL-TIME HD VIDEO - Connect the FPV drone with a your favorite device & sync real-time videos via 8 different channels
SCOPE OUT AERIAL VIEWS - Scout jaw-dropping sceneries using a bird's eye view or give yourself a competor's edge in FPV races with 110° field of view and the 600TVL camera
GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS - Designed with primary, mid-level, & high level modes, the SwagDrone is built to adjust to pilots of all experience levels
EMERGENCY FEATURES - Troubleshoot all emergencies with the failsafe and kill-switch, or find any lost drones by using the locator alarm

Product Description

From panoramic sceneries to high-stake races, the SwagDrone150-UP FPV quadcopter and 4-UP FPV drone goggles will let you experience it all.

SWAGTRON's easy-to-assemble SwagDrone is designed for aerodynamic prowess and weighs only 0.35 lbs. It requires no FAA registration.

For HD 5.8GHz real-time video transfer and seamless FPV flights, pair SwagDrone with the 4-UP FPV glasses, which boasts dual antennas and up to 40 channels. The FPV goggles feature a 5" LCD display with a lightweight, ergonomic frame for a comfortable fit and fully adjustable brightness, chroma, and contrast for unforgettable viewing.

Flight hobbyists can enjoy stunning aerial footage with the 600TVL camera and 110° field of view from as far as 500m. Scout land ahead, view awe-inspiring cityscapes, or compete in high-speed FPV drone racing. SwagDrone even has an LED headlight and low light vision for visibility no matter the time or place.

Learn basic tricks in primary mode, and then graduate to mid and high level modes for max maneuverability. You can complete 360° aileron rolls and acrobatic loops indoors or out using the remote control, 3-axis gyro, and latest F3 flight system.

For advanced pilots, SwagDrone can be coded to your specifications via the Cleanflight software. You'll have limitless possibilities to personalize and perfect your VR racing drone!

With SwagDrone's state-of-the-art enclosed modular design for quick repairs, a bent antenna for breakage prevention, and 3 bonus features, you can be a daredevil during each flight. When the drone flies out of range, the failsafe automatically powers down the motor in 5 sec. You can locate your drone by toggling on the locator alarm and quickly return to the skies. For emergencies, just flip the kill switch to instantly turn off the drone! Then, activate the motor lock function for safe handling and storage.

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