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FrSky Servo Channel Changer SCC white screen

FrSky Servo Channel Changer SCC white screen

Product #: 62624
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Product Description

This product is a tool for setting the channel to FrSky SBUS & CPPM compatible servo (e.g. D12MB), FrSky SBUS decoder and Futaba SBUS compatible servo. In order to fully enjoy benefits of this system, please, carefully read the instruction and set up the devices as described below.
When channel setting cannot be performed correctly because of improper connection of the D12MB or other SBUS compatible servo, etc., check the following:
3. Use rotate switch () set the "Set-To" to the channel you want and push rotate to confirm.
  • Servo Connection Port
  • Battery Connection Port
  • Press "SET" to Confirm Channel setting
  • Set-To required Channel No.(1- 16)
  • Rotate switch
  • Current Servo Channel No.
*Connect the servo and battery connector in the correct polarity. Connecting the power + and - polarities in reverse by mistake may cause smoke, fire, and damage.
*Do not connect any device other than an FrSky SBUS decoder, FrSky Servo, SBUS compatible servo to the SCC servo connection port. If a conventional radio control servo is connected to the servo connection port, the servo may operate erroneously or damaged.
*Do not disassemble or modify the product. FrSky will not be responsible for disassembly or modification other than those specified by us.
*Switch to "SET" and push the rotate switch to confirm channel setting.
  •  Dimensions: 48 x 67 x 22 mm
  •  Weight: 6.7g
  •  Operating temperature range: -10 - 45 °C
  •  Operating Voltage: DC 3 - 16V