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RMRC - 900MHz-1.3Ghz Receiver w/1258 with RMRC Comtech Tunerby  RMRC

RMRC - 900MHz-1.3Ghz Receiver w/1258 with RMRC Comtech Tunerby RMRC

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Why buy your video receiver from RMRC?

The new latest receivers have custom tuners built by Comtech specifically for RMRC. They have the narrower bandwidth SAW filters already installed, so a SAW upgrade isn't necessary. Components for these the video tuners sold for FPV use are no longer in mass production. They were originally designed for cable boxes, and all of those are switching to full digital tuners so these analog tuners are no longer in demand. Because of this, most of the receiver tuners available now are using very cheap copies of the original components or components that were previously rejected due to not meeting the original specifications.Every single one of the tuners we use is built and tested by Comtech and guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications. They cost us significantly more than the "generic" tuners because of the extra levels of testing and the high standards for passing, but we feel performance and reliability are the most important factors. Receivers with these tuners are not available ANYWHERE ELSE! We know you will love flying with it!

These receivers were custom-modified specifically to Ready Made RC, LLC specifications!  They are not the same as similar looking receivers sold by other retailers, these have multiple internal improvements that we specified. Lots of great improvements over the standard units including:

  • Additional frequency that's legal for US use!*
  • Additional frequencies added to increase compatibility with Lawmate and other transmitters
  • Totally new RF module used to improve resistance to UHF RC signals

Receiver that covers almost all available channels from 900MHz-1.3GHz.

SMA Female Connector!  (Not like a lot of the generic versions of these that have F-Connectors).

Includes 3' RCA audio/video cable and standard 1.3GHz whip antenna. 


  • CH0:910MHZ
  • CH1:980MHZ
  • CH2:1010MHZ
  • CH3:1040MHZ
  • CH4:1080MHZ
  • CH5:1120MHZ
  • CH6:1160MHZ
  • CH7:1200MHZ
  • CH8:1240MHZ
  • CH9:1280MHZ
  • CHH:1320MHZ
  • CHC:1360MHZ
  • CHd:1258MHZ
  • CHE:1100MHZ
  • CHF:1140MHZ

At 12v this unit draws 300mah

No power supply included.  Requires 12V supply.  See Batteries and Chargers section for available batteries, and Cables and Connectors section for compatible 2.1mm ID barrel connectors for power (center positive)

*Special note for Scherrer LRS or EZUHF users: Although additional filtering has been added to these receivers to increase their tolerance of UHF signals, it is still recommended that you maintain distance between your UHF transmitter and this receiver.   Other websites selling unmodified versions of this receiver claiming theirs are UHF tolerant have NOT fully tested the equipment with all UHF systems.  If you have a UHF system and one of those receivers, just put your UHF system in front of your patch antenna and see what happens.


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