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ZMR Eclipse 210mm ARF for FPV Beginners

ZMR Eclipse 210mm ARF for FPV Beginners

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Brief Setup Guide of ZMR Eclipse

ZMR Eclipse is a new 210mm carbon fiber mini quadcopter that designed based on the hot selling ZMR-X210. We are always listenting to what our customers say and made some slight changes to make it a better racing frame. 

For your easy setup, also considering on different users might have different requirements on the setups, we have prepared three different ARF packages of ZMR Eclipse for different levels of users, including:
These are the ARF packages of ZMR Eclipse for FPV beginners. We built these aiming to provide you a durable setup with an extremely low cost. It can satisfy your daily practice like freestyle flying. If you are new to FPV, these are definitely perfect choices for you. 

These ARF packges for FPV beginners come with the reputable Omnibus F4 flight controllers, RJX 2205 2300kv brushless motors and Cyclone BLHeli_S 20A ESCs. We have tested all the parts to make sure they are matching well to have a good performance. 

The included Omnibus F4 flight controller is not just for beginners, but it is also greatly used in some advanced settings for professional pilots. The omnibus series of flight controllers are known to be the best all in one integrated flight controller, using the best selection of sensors and parts at a great price and small form factor. It uses the MPU6000/ICM-20608 IMU over SPI for the super fast gyro updates (up to 32Khz) to keep up with the fast F4 MCU, allowing you to run your betaflight/iNav control loop insanely fast.  This gives you the extra edge when racing your FPV quadcopter.

The Dragonfly 5.8g stackable VTX comes with 48 channels, 9-26v input and switchable between 25/200/600mw. The stackable design makes you easy to place this VTX above your flight controller. With 48 channels, no need to worry about the interference while powered on any more. 

We choose Cyclone BLHeli-s to use on the builds. BLHeli-S is still the most stable firmware. We have tested the ESCs, it is powerful enough to run with the included RJX 2205 2300KV motors.

The ARF packages come with both 2 blades propellers and 3 blades propellers. The 2 blades props save more power than the 3 blades so that you can fly for a longer time, very suitable for FPV beginners. When you are good at flying, you can change to use the 3 blades propellers.

The builds also comes with 700TVL 5-12V Micro FPV Camera to make you can enjoy the FPV racing. 

In general, these setups are specially made for FPV beginners with a good performance and low cost. They can be flied with full throttle and used for freestyle flying, very suitable for practice.

ARF 1 Including:

ARF 2 Including:

ARF1 Including: 

ARF2 Including: