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Skyzone SKY03 3D FPV Goggles Rev 1.1

Skyzone SKY03 3D FPV Goggles Rev 1.1

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Skyzone SKY03  Rev 1.1 FPV Goggles

Skyzone SKY03 goggles have just come back with an upgraded version, SKY03 Rev 1.1. The goggle has optimized its design to be better fitted to users noses and increased the face plate comfort. It has also adopted a new video recording solution to enhance the feature.

Skyzone is a professional manufacturer of FPV goggles, now here comes the third generation 3D FPV goggles named SKY03. The SKY03 is an upgraded version of the famous SKY02S 3D FPV goggles. They boast a great feature set, comfortable to wear and fit a wide range of eyesight conditions as well. As a business partner of Skyzone, FPV Model is the first on the market to receive the SKY03 FPV goggles.

Heres a list of features and specs:

  • With Head Tracking function
  • Diversity Receiver Module with Dual Antennas
  • ISM 5.8GHz 48-channerl diversity receiver
  • Support HDMI, DVR, AV IN/OUT
  • Built with Front Camera
  • Up to 43 Degree FOV
  • Binocular Display,SVGA 800X600 resolution,binocular display.
  • Multiple LED Light effect mode support.
  • Intimate Design of Human Mechanics

The two 5.8GHz wireless receiver modules, the two independently workable display modules and the new DVR?system used to support the 2D & 3D display modes are built in the SKY03 FPV goggles. The wireless receiver system can work in the diversity receiver mode to improve the receiving effect. In this mode, the channel and band settings for wireless receiver can be compatible with most of the conventional ISM 5.8GHz transmitters, in order to support the 6 bands and the 48 channels (for detailed bands and channels, see the specification).

The matching 3D camera SCAM303 and the conventional 5.8G transmitter can be put into use in the 3D mode. The two lenses of the 3D camera can be set for shot by means of the parallel method. When the camera is set for a certain close shot, the third dimension will be enhanced effectively. When the camera is set for a long-distance shot, the third dimension will be weakened, but the more vivid visual experiences will be presented as a whole.

The new DVR system can not only further enhance the quality of analog video recording, but also can make use of the high-quality H.246 video compression technology to better restore the video screen, save the more storage space, support the 128GB high-capacity memory card(UHS-I U1), and support the automatic video recording function. For details, see the description of the "Video" section.

* The actual included spart parts might be a bit different.

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